AfriCana Village & Museum

“Encounter and Explore Canada’s African/Caribbean-Canadian Culture”

About us

AfriCana Village & Museum is a proposed African- Canadian cultural heritage on Toronto’s Portland’s/Waterfront. Lead by Trevor David, AfriCana Village leadership consist of an eclectic and dynamic group of African-Canadians visionaries committed the cultural and economic development of African-Canadians with a special focus on youth. Interested in contributing to AfriCana Village with your special talents and expertise? Do you posses or have professional business development skills? Please feel free to forward your CV to AfriCana Village for consideration.

The Vision:
AfriCana Village & Museum “Encounter and Explore Canada’s African/Caribbean-Canadian Culture”


What is AfriCana?

AfriCana Village Development Corporation (AVDC) is a for profit company, and AfriCana Village & Museum (AVM) is a non- profit organization.
Our for profit/non profit hybrid social enterprise workers co-op organization is positioned as a community economic development initiative. AfriCana Village will be a unique public /private partnership dedicated to the economic and cultural development of African-Caribbean Canadian peoples. A Cultural “Heritage Tourism” destination that bring the warm hospitality and cultural experiences of the African Canadian-Caribbean Diaspora to Toronto and Canada. AfriCana Village will consist of a Caribbean/African- themed boutique hotel & spa, a cultural centre, convention centre, performing arts complex and African-Canadian History Museum that will showcase the rich tapestry of African-Canadian-Caribbean culture and history on the shores of Lake Ontario in the City of Toronto.

A significant percentage of AfriCana Village Development Corporation (AVDC) profits mandated by Corporate Bylaw must be re-invested back into the African- Canadian community through AfriCana Village & Museum.

Anchored by African‐Caribbean Canadian heritage, AfriCana will seek to leverage the symbiotic relationship between a tourism destination, and the preservation of African‐Canadian and Caribbean culture. AfriCana will also be a reflection and celebration of the contributions to Canadian society of African‐Canadians and diverse peoples of the Caribbean and African Diaspora.

To educate, celebrate, and promote African-Canadian history, culture, and heritage to Canadians and the global community through the building of an African-Canadian tourism destination and entertainment complex, thereby economically empowering the African-Canadian community.
AfriCana Village & Museum
“Encounter and Explore Canada’s African/Caribbean-Canadian Culture”

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