What is AfriCana Village & Museum?

AfriCana Village & Museum @ The Waterfront. The name AfriCana is a meeting of two words and worlds. “Afri” for Africa and “Cana” for Canadian. AfriCana Village & Museum is a unique and innovative social enterprise- community economic development initiative dedicated to the economic and cultural empowerment of African- Canadians. A Cultural “Heritage Tourism” destination that brings the warm hospitality and cultural experiences of the African Canadian-Caribbean Diaspora to Toronto and Canada. AfriCana Village will consist of a Caribbean/African- themed boutique hotel & spa, a cultural centre, convention centre, performing arts complex, 40+ restaurants and bars representing a wide variety of African and diaspora cuisine and musical genres, black hockey museum, CARICOM Center, Africa Union Centre, National Museum of African-Canadian History that will tell the African -Canadian story from 1603 to the present. Anchored by the National Museum of African-Canadian History – AfriCana Village will showcase our collective African‐Canadian heritage and history starting with Black Explorer Mathieu Da Costa guide and interpreter to French Explorer Samuel De Champlain. Black Empire Loyalist of the mid- late 1700’s, Underground Railroad Freedom Seekers and more recent waves of peoples of African descent. AfriCana Village seek to leverage the symbiotic relationship of a cultural heritage tourism destination and the preservation of native African‐Canadian, Caribbean, and continental African culture and heritage. AfriCana Village will be a reflection and celebration of one of Canada’s de-facto founding peoples socio-economic, military, cultural, arts, sports, including blood and sweat contributions to the building and development of Canada by of African‐Canadians and African Diaspora over 400 years.

The AfriCana Village destination will consist of the following:

* Elijah McCoy “Real McCoy” Cultural Centre
* Afri- Centric Art Gallery
* Oscar Peterson Performing Arts Centre (Proposed)
* Apollo North – Nightly showcase of Talent
* Archie Alleyne’s Kollage Music Centre for Performing Arts
Educational, library, studio and workshop facility
African-Canadian Film Center/Theatre
National Museum of African-Canadian History & Culture
African-Canadian Hockey Museum/Hall of Fame
Village Outdoor Sculpture Promenade
25 Caribbean-African Restaurants,
Three separate 500 seat African restaurants/bar representing 3 regions of Africa (East Africa, West, Africa, and Southern Africa)
Bob Marley Themed Restaurant (Proposed)
Michael Jordan Sports Bar (Proposed)
Retail Shops (Things Caribbean/African)
Mosque Café/Praise Café
Outdoor Amphitheatre (5,000 seat)
African-Canadian Walk of Fame
African Canadian Hall of Fame
500 Seat Underground Railroad Stopover Soul Food Restaurant
Four-Star Caribbean Boutique Hotel and Spa (300 rooms) (African themed rooms with African art)
20 Banquet Halls/Special Events Centers
Afri-Centric Movie Theatre/Film Centre
AfriCana Village Harry Jerome Convention Centre (Proposed)
Caribana/House (offices, display/ costumes creation space) (Proposed)
100 Executive Offices/Desks and Creative Spaces- Arts Group
*Caribbean Institutional Leadership Development Centre
CARICOM Tourism & Trade Centre (20 Multimedia Trade Booths)
The AU-Mama Africa Tourism and Trade Centre (53 Multimedia Trade Booths)