The Case for AfriCana Village & Museum:

History is clear, the historical facts are there for any one who wants to take the time to investigate the matter. African-Canadians are de-facto ONE of the founding peoples of Canada. Starting in 1603  Mathieu Da Costa, a Black man of African-Portuguese descent  who spoke the language of the Mi'kmaq Nation was guide and interpreter to French merchant Pierre Dugua, the Sieur de Monts and  explorer Samuel De Champlain. (See  Canadian history books informs us that Samuel De Champlain, "Father of New France"  discovered much of  Acadia, Atlantic Canada, Quebec,  St. Lawrence River region.  Maybe Mathieu Da Costa  was the "Godfather of New France" ? ala James Brown?  In various history books and historical documents in Europe and New France Mathieu Da Costa is mentioned, but given short shrift. However the question Black Scholars and Historians ask remain can one be the guide and interpreter for someone if they have not explored the area before them? Facts are Facts and we just cant ignore them because they dont fit into a  specific narrative a specific group wants to promote. If I hired some one to explore planet Mars, how can I honestly and honourably claim that the person I hired to explore Mars is not also a "Founder" of what ever we discover or proclaim on Mars?

As historically documented above a Black translator and explorer  was the lead explorer in a party of of men  now considered by Canadian historians to be the leading and founding party of non-aboriginals to explore what we now call Canada.  We believe notwithstanding the bias and racists writings of euro-centric historians black people can and should claim to be a "Founding Peoples" of Canada on the basis that a black man lead the actual on the ground exploration. The fact that it was financed by Samuel De Champlain does not take away Mathieu Da Costa's contribution and actual leadership of this venture. Fairness and moral justice should allow African-Canadians to claim to be one of the "Founding Peoples" of New France-Canada.  The early presence of the Black Empire Loyalists in the 1700's  especially in the Province of Ontario and in particular Toronto and South Western Ontario only reinforces the fact that African-Canadians enslaved and free are "Founding Peoples" of this land we call Canada.

We look forward to working with all three levels of the Canadian government to establish the African-Canadian Healing & Development Fund to assist in executing this grand vision we call AfriCana Village & Museum@ The Waterfront. The African-Canadian Healing & Development Fund will be used for the economic and cultural empowerment and development of African-Canadians and indeed Canada. We are also seeking private investors, philanthropic organizations, ethical and social finance funds who are seeking "Blended Value"and "Social Impact Investments" Return-On- Investment. Yes its possible to generate an excellent ROI while making Canada a better place for ALL Canadians. Yes YOU can make a difference by investing and or contributing to AfriCana Village- a social enterprise that will create jobs targeting African-Canadians giving them hope for a better tomorrow. We are the ONLY group in Canada who has not received a formal apology for the crimes against humanity committed against us. Lets forget about the apology and give African-Canadians some social justice and direct economic investment like ALL "Founding" groups have received in Canada.

AfriCana Village & Museum will be a special place where ALL Canadians can learn about the richness and diversity of the African-Canadian experience, what it means to their lives and how it helped us shape this nation. A place that transcends the boundaries of race and culture that divide us, and becomes a lens into a story that unites us all. AfriCana Village will tell the story of a people rising from "Slaveships to Championships", a story of formerly enslaved African people's surviving, living, shaping and contributing to the building of Canada and indeed western civilization ... we believe it’s one of the greatest story never told!. We look forward to you, your family and friends visiting AfriCana Village in the future, our goal will be to Entertain, Enlighten, Explore, Educate and inspire you while you experience the rich and varied Afri-centric cultural heritage of African-Canadians, The African Diaspora and Continental Africa.  We invite ALL progressive people of goodwill and good heart to join us in building this Grand Vision that will economically and culturally empower a people still yearning to be truly free in the Great White North. We invite you to support this transformational project that will bring pride to a historically and and presently marginalized community.

In light of the above:

We intend to formerly request and petition the Federal Government of Canada to grant 40+- acres of federally owned land in Toronto’s Waterfront- Portlands in-order to develop AfriCana Village & Museum. Commencing in mid to late 1700’s The Portlands was home to enslaved Africans known as the “ Black Empire Loyalists”. As kith and kin and descendants of these enslaved Black Empire Loyalists- we believe we have a moral and possibly a legal claim to a portion of the the Portlands. We believe slavery in Canada and Federal government immigration laws were designed to harm Canadians of African descent in particular. We request that the Government of Canada take steps to remedy the historical and present damage inflicted upon African-Canadians and peoples of African descent. As a form of reparation and compensation we believe the federal government should donate 40+ acres of Portlands property to an African- Canadian owned and controlled Foundation or social enterprise entity which will be charged with developing AfriCana Village & Museum into an africentric themed cultural heritage tourism destination and economic engine for the benefit of African-Canadians in perpetuity.

Our position is unless Canada reckon with its compounding moral debts to African-Canadians, Canada will never be whole.

A recent study  from University of Toronto Prof. David Hulchanski flags the role of discrimination and in particular anti-black racism in economic inequality and systemic poverty.

“It’s starker than we would expect,” Hulchanski said in an interview.

The Toronto Star September 30th, 2018 sounds the alarm with the following article.

"Toronto is segregated by race and income. And the numbers are ugly"

Its time for the Canadian government to step in and address this ticking time bomb of racial and economic injustice.

We believe AfriCana Village & Museum can be part of the solution.


Trevor David

Founder, Executive Director

AfriCana Village & Museum



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